How Women Feel About Their Low Libido

Women may have concepts about contributing causes or factors such as high levels of stress, competing responsibilities to their family, to their partner, to their children, to their career; maybe other priorities like making time for themselves, making time for exercise, having other obligations. Women who lose desire often feel that the loss of desire is elusive. They feel that something is missing, a part of them is gone, they don’t feel whole anymore, and they want to get it back. The identification of themselves as a complete woman, their sense of femininity was closely tied to that feeling of wanting to be sexual and being enthusiastic about their sexuality.

Women have theories about where it’s gone. Some women believe that it’s a normal part of aging and that they have to accept it. So when they may have that idea that that’s why they don’t either have time or interest in sex, but they don’t see it isn’t often as a real like a condition that could be diagnosed and treated in a medical setting. There’s a low recognition of that. And they come to the point where they just say “oh well I have to learn to live with this. This is the way it goes.”

Women also sometimes don’t seek treatment or really think about what to do about low desire, because they believe it’s temporary. Maybe it has to do with a stressful time at work, or say a loss of a parent, or some struggle that a child is having in school. And they don’t see it as something that will continue or persist, or going to be a global pervasive in their relationship. And then when the condition carries on for a while they just sort of accept it, and they don’t engage with seeking treatment. The downside is that it can be very distressing, very detrimental to their own inner peace, having a sense of wholeness and certainly to the dynamic in their relationship.

When patients notice a change in their sex drive, they are very bothered about it; and they may come to the doctor because somehow they know that talking with about this may be helpful, but I don’t believe that they see it at the onset of a medical condition. In general, there’s very low knowledge among patients in the community about HSDD, and so the concept isn’t very well organized, this is a medical condition. What they do know is that there is a change both in their subjective sense or perspective on the perception of having a sex drive and their ability to be responsive to opportunities with enthusiasm.

Physicians Perspective

When a patient comes to me with bothersome low sexual desire, the first thing that I do is talk with them about the potential contributing factors that they perceive may be impacting their desire and in my clinical assessment are important. And I look for those factors that may be amenable to intervention. I explain that low sexual desire may be related to life stressors, the interpersonal relationship. And sometimes we have to do a medical evaluation for certain medical conditions.

Penile Injection Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction


Viagra and the other FDA-approved pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction truly revolutionized the way we, urologists, treat erectile dysfunction. However, they don’t work for everyone. In fact, at most a probably only handle about 60  to 65 percent of our patients. That leaves a lot of men very frustrated. Fortunately, there is an even more potent, more powerful remedy for erectile dysfunction then these pills and it works in about 80% of patients with very reliable results. What I’m speaking about is an injection therapy.

Penile injection therapy has actually been around longer than Viagra or the other pills, but it has become even more popular now that men have had the courage to come out and speak about their condition. Although the thought of an injection is a somewhat disconcerting or scary thought, in this case, the injection is quite tiny.

It is a tiny caliber needle; it’s the same kind of needle that women will use to inject Botox for wrinkles. It is quite easy to withstand. And the amount of medication is injected tiny. The injection is inserted into the shaft of the penis. The shaft of the penis is kind of like the earlobe or the elbow. It’s an area where there’s not a lot of nerves, so it doesn’t hurt very much unlike the much more sensitive glans of the penis.

The patient learns to inject himself and after a visit or two in our office, he is confident and able to do this easily. It takes just a few moments to give the injection, and it gets to work within about five to fifteen minutes. The expected results are a high reliable erection that lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.


Penile injection therapy utilizes one of the several different medications. There is an FDA approved medication on the market known as Caverject. This is prostaglandin, and it is typically injected in doses of 5, 10, or 20 micrograms, occasionally 40 micrograms. Prostaglandin as a single ingredient is very effective, but it does have a tendency to cause an increased amount of soreness in the penis while it is active. It is also in rather short supply these days. Most urologists, including myself, use a combination of prostaglandin and other agents. These combinations are known as bimix or trimix. The other ingredients that will add to prostaglandin include phentolamine and papaverine. The combination of the three is synergistic so that less of each of those drugs is required to result in a firmer erection with less soreness.

Semenax Sperm Volume Pills Review

If you are struggling when trying to conceive, maybe the problem lies in the sperm volume. Some men can have a low sperm count. The cause can be varied ranging from health issues up to stress or depression. In order to increase your sperm volume, you’re going to have to treat the issues up to the source. As a recommendation, we suggest you take a look at this fantastic product called the Semenax sperm volume pills. This is one of the best semen enhancers out there. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this product.

About the products


Semenax sperm volume claims to increase the production of sperm in your body thus increasing the volume of the sperm itself. Despite so, there are plenty other benefits that you can get from the pills. For instance, it also increases the overall sexual experience with your partner. The more sperm volume that you produce, the more pleasure that you will feel after that. Semenax itself claims to be able to increase your sperm volume by as much as five hundred percent more. In doing so, you can always be confident with your sexuality in bed.

Ingredients within Semenax

Semenax is definitely a healthy and secure product as it is made out of herbal ingredients. One of the main components of semenax is a herb called Horny Goat Weed. It is a Chinese herbal product that is known to increase men’s sexual performance when consumed. Other than Horny Goat Weed, you can also find ingredients such as Catuaba Bark, which is a Brazilian product for male sexuality. There is also pumpkin seed which is great for the health of your prostate. Other than those three products, you can also expect ingredients such as Cranberry Extract, Zinc, and also Hawthorne.

Taking the pills


Semenax needs to be taken regularly in order for it to be useful and efficient. You only need to take the pills once a day and not more. Despite so, you do need to take it every day without any missing day, or you won’t experience the total results of it. You should notice a great difference in your sperm production after taking the products for three weeks. If you are not seeing any significant results after twenty-three days, you can always return the product. While doing so, you will be able to get your money back through their money-back policy.

Negative sides

Till now it seems like you can only see the advantages of the products. Despite so, you must be caution by these negatives that we found from the pills. First of all, Semenax sperm volume is an online product. It means that you can only order it online and not by other means. The second negative thing about Semenax is that the product only provides a thirty days of guarantee. The guarantee might be so short, but thankfully the results can be seen in an even shorter period. That is why you should notice differences after three weeks.

How To Improve Male Stamina Using Exercises And Techniques?


How to improve male stamina using exercises and techniques? It is actually easy for you to do it. You can use Viagra or take daily exercise. According to tantric sex techniques, balance in sex is number one. This position is balance training. According to tantric sex, the sex there must be discipline.

What is the point? Each one must control the position of partner. In the state of sleep sideways, open up one of your legs resting on the knee side. The man in a straight position can be directly “attack” you. A matter of taste, it is definitely okay. Because of this situation makes way Mr. Happy narrower towards Miss Cheerful. Well, herein lays the discipline. You must hold a position so as not to shift when he was “shaking” you, by placing one hand on his head. While your spouse embraces your shoulders to help balance the position.


This time, with a similar position Legging It, asking him to kneel instead of sitting in front of you. Let it lift your legs up to your chest. It makes your butt lifted upwards. Bonus for you: the man can while stimulating your toes with his tongue. Or let the hand that one again “playing” with your clitoris. Allow it to do anything to explore every part of your body that is touched by it. But if you are not interested in tantric sex, let him enjoy you being hit by the expression of pleasure.

The he sat on a chair while you sit on his lap. Place both your feet on his shoulders relaxed. Keep your balance by holding on the thighs of her. Bonus for her: though hand cannot touch the sensitive part of your other because they have to focus on the weight of your body, this position makes the pressure on his penis increases. Well, this made a profit for you! Because this position can accelerate the, he reached a climax, ask her first lick your clitoris. Equally satisfied, is not it? Having great stamina can make you do sex longer.

HowTo Enhance Your Sex Drive Without Pills?


It is time to learn about how to enhance your sex drive without pills. Pull Vacuum Big Long Penis is a tool to enlarge the penis so that the size of the longer and bigger the sports system manual permanent results, safe to use and no side effects. It is suitable for all ages who want a big and long penis.

Penis Enlargement Vacuum tool is a way of penis enlargement is the best and suitable for men with therapy with maximum results in accordance with the wishes and tastes of the user upon use. Penis Enlargement Vacuum tool is suitable for men of age or younger who wanted plus size gradually and permanently.


Specifications Vacuum Pull Big Long Penis containing Vacuum with size:

  • Length of the tube 20 cm
  • Diameter 10 cm circumference of a circle.
  • Volume Weight = 2 kg.

In the use of successive 3x a day by applying a vacuum and pumping into the immediate visible results For Penis Size and Length So 5-10cm in a short time by using sport or exercise, how much in use because it is safe, without side effects and rapid reaction was, even therapists who often hang out in the hotel or guesthouse many use as a massage therapy before.

This is possible because after the penis suction by the vacuum penis will instantly feel the difference, slightly puffed and longer. Vacuum penis improves penis size, erection harder for people impotent, diabetes, drug addicts and others that have erectile dysfunction.

Training method expands and relaxes the organs, and then vacuum manual pull big long penis directly stimulates muscle cells in the area of ​ the male organ. This stimulus will increase the fluid production of hormones; this exercise also improves circulation and metabolism or blood circulation in the penis.

With regular use every day of the muscles of the penis will grow very fast, it will also enable the sexual energy of the wearer. The use of vacuum penis is also very useful in the prevention of impotence because of age, giving a feeling healthier overall body with active production of hormones that can ensure happiness and sexual satisfaction.